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economist. virginia collected $57 million. tummy but the proposal by chuck hagel in his defense proposed budget. >> i take three things away. for the next fiscal year, for the next calendar year, i am concerned that he has put forward starting a debate around some of the pay, retirements, tri-care, commissaries, and what is so challenging about that, it would appear that if somehow they are getting singled out ahead of the rest of us and we have not been willing to take on the more major entitlement reforms that i think the country desperately needs. from a virginia standpoint. even if they are not taking major cuts this year when the dreaded sequestration comes back in fiscal year 16, all of these things will be up for grabs. it reinforces the issue that i think is the most important issue we have to still grapple with. we have continued to kick the can on the need for the grand bargain or the gang of six or simpson bowles. frankly, we haven't done that yet and we will see with sequestration cuts coming back in place that if we don't do that, such is the jerk on the ciccone in nature wh
is scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> meanwhile, defense secretary chuck hagel spelling out the u.s. military role in ukraine today. >> we are pursuing measures to support our allies, including stepping up joint training in poland, an area i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our participation in nato's air policing mission on the baltic peninsula. >>> senator john mccain asking chuck hagel plainly is this the right time to reduce the military. >> your timing is exquisite. you are coming over here with a budget that we agree on, at least on the numbers at a time when the world is probably more unsettled than it has been since the end of world war ii. the invasion of crimea, geneva 2 collapse, iran negotiations stalled, the south china sea, china more and more aggressive, north korea fired missiles in the last few days, syria has now turned into a regional conflict, and the list goes on. >> meanwhile in crimea, some yooun -- ukrainian socialeds are being forced to choose sides. >> reporter: if there is somewhere this crimea where russians have full control it is here. ships bl
on the table. that's what secretary of defense, chuck hagel, delivered today. we are going to send an aircraft wing that's been in poland, a nato ally to the west of ukraine, that's going to be extended. the u.s. is going to send more aircraft to the baltic state, north of the ukraine, also nato allies. more aircraft there. he is going to convenient nato ministers to talk about the next step. you have the carrot and the stick. if this doesn't change, the situation on the ground doesn't change, costs are going to be imposed. at the same time, we are going to demonstrate our commitment to those nato allies. you see them there, the ones in green along ukraine's western poured der. . >> jim sciutto live and michael holmes, we do have some breaking news right now from capitol hill. as jim was saying, what is being most used right now, words and statements. diplomacy in this crisis. there are about to be some words and statements coming from the u.s. congress. >> our deirdra walsh just spoke with ed royce, chairman of the foreign committee in the house. he said tomorrow that committee will hold a vo
of defense, chuck hagel announced this week, a new five year budget for the pent began that could reshape the armed forces. one, army cuts. the u.s. army is already scheduled to drop from today's active duty force of 5 hundred 22,000 troops to 492,000 next year. serve secretary--secretary hagel wants to bring the total to 440,000 troops by the year 2019, six years from now. it will be the smallest sized u.s. army in 75 years, which brings us back to before world war i i. here is secretary hagel on why. >> we are no longer sizing the force. >> that is called army speak. you figure out it. two, marine corp. cuts to 182,000. three, army national guard cuts from # 3-0 hundred 55,000 to- -from 355,000 to 335,000. four,s special operations up from 66,000 today to 66,000 because the forces are uniquely suited for the most likely missions of the future. five, the loser, the a10 wart hog tank killer plane. cold war era spy plain, retired. drone, unmanned aircraft, they are hot. four, six, military benefits reduced including cut backs for service persons tax free housing and heightened medical insu
. there are a number of regularly scheduled u.s. navy deployments into the black sea. chuck hagel is going to have to decide does he recommend those go forward or recommend the u.s. navy pull back. it is interesting to see what side they go down on. there are options in the military category, for instance, sending ships to the area. that is something that they did there as a signal, i remember at the time as well. that president bush sent humanitarian aid to the capitol at the time. they were military plane s guessing that russian troops. is it correct to say there were no military options on the table when it seems there were steps to take to send a strong message? >> there may be no military operations but there are things in the military category. it is going to come up in days now. the deployments are scheduled by the navy and the u.s. marine core. do they put a u.s. presence in that region as planned before all of this happened? what message do they want to send? but it is coming at another awkward time for chuck hagel because he is going to be out in public talking about why the u.s. can cut
of reality for our regio ononday, chuck hagel blasted cuts mandated by congress but says if he has to make them, cuts will come. he says the manpower, and necessary weapons systems, more base closures, and cututs to benefits rather than readiness. >> given the reality, we must now adapt, innovate, and make difficult incisions -- decisions to ensure our mitary is ready and capable, maintaining the technological edge. >> president obama towoward a construction site in minnesota, calling on congress to boost spending on infrastructure. warning there will be major coequences if a transportation bill is not passed by this summer. >> we can see construction projects stop in their tracks, machines sitting idle, and people off of jobs. next week i will send congress a budget that funds rebuilding our transportation infrastructure in a more respoponsible way, by dog it over four years which gives cities and states and private invevestors the certainty they need to o plan major projects. >> in arlington, governors got together wednesday at the virginia tech research center to annonounce a new infusi
to be in country until march 12th. >>> robert, in speaking before the senate armed services committee chuck hagel spilling out any u.s. military role in ukraine. >> this morning the defense department is pursuing measures to support our allies stepping up joint training through aviation detachment in poland. it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting the participation in n.a.t.o.'s air policing mission on the baltic peninsula. >> robert english is the director of the international school in southern los angeles. i want to replay that tape with the u.n. ambassador being detained in a cafe against his will, and then being escorted out of the country and as we see this, what do you make of what is going on right now in the capitol of crimea? >> reporter: things are in danger of spinning out of control. we're really at risk of some spark, provocation, accident, leading to major loss of life, and then some much larger and more deadly conflict. precisely incidents like this which we've been lucky to avoid so far are why we need to step back, both sides cool the rhetoric and begin worki
in kiev. it is scheduled to last until march 12th. and in a statement this morning before, chuck hagel explaining how u.s. military efforts will respond to the crisis in ukraine. >> the defense department is pursuing measures to support our allies including stepping up joint training in poland. it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago, and augmenting our participation in nato's air-policing mission on the baltic peninsula. >>> and remember for the latest coming out of the ukraine and the rest of today's headlines you can follow us on twitter. >>> the votes have been counted in texas, wendy davis will face republican greg abbott. abbott has come under fire for campaigning with rock star ted nugent. >>> the state house with vote on a water protection spill in west virginia. robert and i have in charleston, and what does this bill specifically propose? >> reporter: del, it's been a long few days for the politicians here in west virginia, the bill went through the judiciary committee over the weekend, and then it hit the finance committee and sort of came to a bit of a halt, but basical
to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mccain charge thad obama defense secretary chuck hagel did not know putin would send troops to crimea. >> the fact is, mr. secretary, it was not predicted by our intelligence and that's already been well known, which is another massive failure. >> this wasn't sudden or new, that we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: house republicans say they'll support economic sanctions if that's what the president wants. >> to give the administration the necessary tools it needs to tell mr. putin to stand down. >> reporter: but the obama plan is still a work in progress. >> so far beyond notifying congress that he wants humanitarian aid for ukraine, the president has merely put the extra warplanes on the russian border to signal american anger over ukraine. i'm steve handelsman, "news 4." >>> president obama is on the road pushing his message on the federal minimum wage. he wants it raised to $10.10 an hour. before his speech the president stopped for lunch and spoke with employees at a sandwich shop. then at central connecticut state university h
to today's big news about the war and the end of the war. this is defense secretary chuck hagel. this is him last october in brussels at nato headquarters. he was there meeting with all the other people who have his same job and all the other nato countries. it was the meeting of the nato defense ministers. at that meeting late last year, defense secretary chuck hagel told all the other defense secretaries in nato that by the next time they all got together, the u.s. and afghanistan would likely have signed a deal to arrange for some number of u.s. troops to stay on in afghanistan even after the nominal end of the war this year. he told the other defense ministers when we next meet in february, we expect that by then the president of afghanistan will have signed this deal. well, that next meeting in february is tomorrow. tomorrow chuck hagel is meeting again with all of those other defense ministers from all the other nato countries. the next meeting is tomorrow and the president of afghanistan has not signed that deal even though the u.s. had told those defense ministers we exp
, and no doubt that chuck hagel would have to expect tough scrutiny over it. >> yes, chuck hagel as well as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are getting a lot of tough questions, but the two men are arguing that the current fiscal realities in the federal government require that the military cut as much as a trillion dollars in the next ten years in defense spending, and they also note with the end of the war coming in afghanistan that this is a prime moment for the military to essentially reorganize itself. however, it's very controversial because every one of the 50 states in the u.s. depends on military spending as part of its economy, and hundreds of millions of people in some way have some sort of benefit that comes from defense spending, whether it's a job, whether it's retirement benefits, whether it's healthcare, it's a very controversial proposal. >> apart from all of these points that you just pointed out, as to how it is going to effect americans, what about the u.s. military's readiness, or the ability to fight wars? how is this budget going to effect that? >> what t
decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. >>> defense secretary chuck hagel was on the road today visiting two military bases where he made his case for steep cuts to the armed forces. under the proposed budget he unveiled yesterday, the army would shrink to its lowest troop level in nearly 75 years. 9 the a 10 wart hog plane would be retired. his plans spark add predictable war of words. former vice president dick cheney fired these shots. >> i've obviously not been a strong supporter of barack obama, but this really is over the top. it does enormous long term damage to our military. they act as though it's like highway spending. you can turn it on or off. the fact of the matter is he's having a huge impact on the ability for future presidents to respond to crisises that might arise. he'd much rather spend the money on food stamps than on a strong military or support for our troops. >> over the last 24 hours, the alleged dangers the proposed cuts become a talk point on a lot of conservative blogs and television obviously. >> and we start with a fox news alert. defense secretary chuck hage
included john kerry, chuck hagel, and susan rice. earlier today the president was carefully restrained in his public assessment of the situation. >> the facts on the ground in crimea are deeply troubling. and russia has a large army that borders ukraine. but what is also true is that over time this will be a costly proposition for russia. and now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy as opposed to force. >> the president wisely left the tough talk to his foreign policy team. >> you cannot behave this way in the 21st century and sit around the table of the normal entities and pretend that life is as usual. it is not going to be as usual. if russia wants to be a g8 country it needs to behave like a g8 country. he is not going to have a sochi g8. he may not even remain in the g8 if this continues. he may find himself with asset freezes on russian business, american business may pull back. there may be a further tumble of the ruble. there's a huge price to pay. the united states is united. russia is isolated. that is not
related to this story. for example, earlier today, secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke regarding the situation in ukraine. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> also this morning pursuing measures to support the allies including stepping up joint training, aviation detachment in poland, and it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our discussion of n.a.t.o. policing. >> they are sending a mission of 35 military personnel to ukraine. the unarmed troops come from 18 different countries. they're currently on their way to odessa in southern ukraine. the mission was requested by pro-western authorities in kiev. that's scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> social media has played a huge role in the crisis of ukraine from government officials and traditional press to the protesters themselves. twitter, facebook and other social media is being used to talk about it, and in some cases propel and move forward the rapidly changing events. photos and videos are being posted online for the world to see. take a look at this from catarina, a 22-year-old ukrainian activist,
. >> secretary chuck hagel is trying to sell the department's new budget proposal and we will hear some of the reaction to major military cuts at the pentagon. the military may be cutting back but facebook is expanding. we will have comments from david rubenstein on the deal to buy whats app. ♪ >> this is "lunch money," on bloomberg television, streaming on your phone, your tablet, and bloomberg.com. today's moving pictures with a video that is the story. in ukraine, a vote in parliament on selecting a new government has been delayed until thursday. the acting resident is working to win support of the protest leaders. bands of protesters and venezuela skirmished and caracas. they are protesting shortages of basic goods and skyhigh inflation. they have battled police and government troops for the past two weeks. the venezuelan president has called for a peace conference tomorrow after the opposition leader rejected a call for talks. the three women held captive for a decade in a cleveland house were honored by ohio governor john kasich. he gave them the annual courage award in an emoti
>> this is "taking stock" for tuesday, february 25, 2014. i will focus on followers. chuck hagel wants congress to follow him like a good soldier. politicians are sure to push back against cuts. we debate the future of the u.s. armed forces and how much it all costs. and buying 50,000 twitter followers. we will tell you what that means and if it was worth it or not. victor cruz, how he has received quite a following which includes the music mogul jay-z. all that and more over the next hour. but first headlines from carol massar. >> after the close of u.s. trading, lower fourth-quarter profit. the company's declined from the power plants it is building in the southwest. falling to $65 million from 150 $4 million earlier. the stocks are falling in after-hours trading. dreamworks posted fourth-quarter revenue that missed analyst estimates. video sales fell short and fourth-quarter results including a charge of 13 point $5 million related to the performance of turbo which was released in theaters. morgan stanley has agreed to pay the u.s. sec $275 million to probe into the sale of mo
for the latest nice. we'll hear from secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. we'll have analysis on all of it from our panel of experts and with russia once more in the news we'll look back at a milestone "face the nation" interview. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs >> schieffer: good morning again there are developments from overnight on the crisis in ukraine. russian president sad her putin has moved troops in to crimea that is region where mostly russian speaking population, a move that the ukrainian prime minister says is a declaration of war. vladimir putin and president obama spoke yesterday for 90 minutes a conversation the white house described as the toughest of the obama presidency. as for ukraine, a new government there is mobilizing its reserves and authorizing the call up of all men under the age of 40. cbs news correspondent is in kiev, charlie, people are again out in the square, what's going on there? >> well, there are about a thousand demonstrators and protesters arrived here,, today we've been hea
of a very hot conflict that's going on right now. this week chuck hagel says we're going to make some significant cuts. putin ramps up and sends several airplanes, 8 of them just this past week, thousands of russian soldiers to crimea. is there a disconnect between what we're doing and what is happening in the rest of the world? >> well, governor, i think it's very important that we understand that we can cut the defense department, but that has to be done after a careful analysis of who we're going to be up against in the future and ance assessment of what risk wee willing to take. what we see in the ukraine is an example that there are some powerful enemies out there and this process that i just talked about has not been used. this is about politics and out of control spending. >> commander, you were in charge of the uss cole when it was attacked. when you hear that america will be reducing its overall budget, i think the general is right. there are certainly ways that things can be cut, made more efficient, but are we doing the right thing at the right time with the right amounts t
. secretary of defense chuck hagel has counterparts, america's top of a tree officer also is speaking with his top counterpart, russia's top military officer. foreign ministers from united states and russi rushed me with several european leaders in hopes of solv solvent ongoing dispute. state department is calling a brief discussion after the main group meetings. they will meet again in about an hour. urgent talks between russia and ukraine. jon: new witness testimony today linking paralympic track star oscar pistorius to a new shooting. he is accusing the shooting death of his model girlfriend on valentine's day last year. joining us by phone, fox news producer. paula. >> we have learned oscar pistorius said it is not so much about "blade runner" as "played shifter." they said they were inquiring a loaded gun in the restaurant. he then asked the gun owner to say to people if anybody asks that it was him who had fired the gun. the witness claims pistorius claimed he did not want the media on his back. here's what some of what this guy had to say. >> i don't how the gun went off. he did apologi
on a busy day of events. at the bottom of the hour chuck hagel and joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey are due to testify on capitol hill. secretary kerry meets with his russian counterpart in paris. also at 11:00, they are due to meet with nato military alliance and president obama delivers remarks as comments originally suppose fobd cussed on minimum wage are likely to include some mention of the crisis in ukraine we're told. >>> let's begin with our coverage of russian lawmakers drafting legislation that would allow moscow to confiscate assets of american and european companies. the russian retaliation of sanctions could have a relatively small impact on the u.s. russian interests make up 1% of american trade but europe has far more to lose. since trade has ballooned in post-soviet times. just the first nine months of the last year the european union imported more than $200 billion worth of goods from russia. coroner nn's phil black is in moscow. is there an appetite for sanctions that could end up punishing both sides? >> reporter: well, recent history shows when russia is targeted
by the administration to gut america's military is bringing concern. chuck hagel brought a proposal to shrink the army to pre-wwii size. the cuts were dangerous, devastating and over the top. he also slammed president obama for the decision. >> i think the whole thing is not driven by any change or circumstance. it's driven by budget cut considerations. he'd much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would the military or support for our troops. >> back with more is ralph peters. also with us, co-host of the 5 about bob beckel. preworld war ii, 78 years, really? is this dangerous for our men and women in uniform? >> well, basically, this is a political budget. it's not a military or strategic budget. and to that end, it cuts muscle to preserve fat. it punishes the troops to reward fat cat defense contractors who sell the taxpayers -- i'm getting a little tired of hearing that inaccurate comment about going back to preworld war ii levels in 1940. it's worse than that. if we go back to the 440 -- or 450,000 troops we had in 1940. in 1940, an infantry division had a much smaller tail. less overhe
, let's get right to defense secretary chuck hagel because there is an extraordinary optic out there. earlier today at nato headquarters in brussels secretary hagel issued a warning to moscow. and how many years has it been since a u.s. defense secretary had to do that? i want you to listen to what he had to say. >> i'm closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukrainian border, which they announced as you know yesterday. i expect russia to be transparent about these activities. and i urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to m miscalculation during a very delicate time, a time of great tension. >> a direct warning from the u.s. to the russian military. so what is going on along that border? well, russian forces now on alert conducting those exercises. the big worry, wolf, is as they move closer to that border with ukraine, as they move around and exercise and train, if that is indeed what they are doing, they get closer to the border if, if, they were to get orders to move into ukraine. they are that much closer, they could move very quickl
. catch him live at 3:00 eastern on the east coast and noon pacific. gregg: defense secretary chuck hagel is making his first appearance before a congressional committee. this is the senate armed services committee since proposing huge cuts to the pentagon budget. nor le -- senator levin is set to question him. it will shrink the army to its smallest size in 74 years. closing bases and offering less generous house allowances. we'll continue to follow what's happening there. opening statements are underway in the irs investigation and the other body on capitol hill. martha: darrell issa beginning to get ready here. we'll keep a close eye on that. lois lerner is there. it's unclear whether or not she'll speark this morning. but we'll take you there live. gregg: a judge's ruling in a teenager's lawsuit against her parents did not go all that well for her but the case is far from over. we'll update you on that. >> what kind of parents would they be if they didn't set down strict rules in the response to what was going on. before handcrafted jewelry was creating positive energy and a life of p
, karen, we saw defense secretary chuck hagel leaving the wours early and dni chief james clapper as well as other officials. this comes on a very stern warning yesterday. he said to russia if they were to take military steps in ukraine, that there would be costs associated with that. so the big question is what will those costs be? what are they considering? one white house official telling nbc news that those costs could include a possible boycott of the g-8 summit. that is slated to happen in sochi, russia, the very same place where the olympics were held in june. >> presumably i'm assuming the white house is weighing those options given there may be action at the u.n. security council or they think that's doubtful, but as they also keep app eye an eye on what is happening in the ukraine and essentially what putin does next. >> reporter: they are weighing their options very carefully, you're absolutely right. the question is will there be more that they're putting on the table in addition to the potential boycott of the g-8 summit. i can tell you they are getting pressure from some of
such as sexual assault, drunk driving and child abuse. the army went further than chuck hagel's orders and disqualified 588 in total. in a statement the army says: kimberley hank said she assaulted by kill kerr son in italy. >> will kerr son's boss dismissed the verdict as military rules allowed and set him free. the figures on sexual assault in the military make for grim reading. there are 19,000 sexual assaults a year, of which 3,000 are reported and 1500 considered accessible. a panel on capitol hill explored the relationship between sexual assaults in the military, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide. hearing that many victims are afraid to ask for help for fear of being ashamed and ridiculed. >> i ask for us to stand together and take proactive steps. >> i had to google what to do. >> advocates want reforms that end the rights of commanders to overturn court-martial verdict. >> the military system is based on the discretion of a single commander over the rule of law. until you remove the bias and conflict of interest outside the chain of command, you'll never have justice.
over the next couple of hours. defense secretary chuck hagel, chairman of the joint chief, head of c.i.a. and national security were seen leaving the white house this afternoon. last night president obama did issue a warning to russia. >> obama: the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> note that use of the word international community. we are seeing more responses come from that international body. we saw the e.u. come out today and say ukraine's sovereignty should be respected, also the head of n.a.t.o. the white house looking to garner support, and really isolate russia, make it the unified world body, the collective against russia. but the white house has to be very careful about what happens next. because we're essentially in a tit for tat. as the white house calculates its next move it needs to think about how it will proceed and how president putin will react. we are seeing other reactions hire in washington including from republican center john mccain, he put out a statement toda
you tell us what is happening in washington now? >> the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, had a conversation with his russian counterpart today. probably the u.s. is going to condemn any violation of ukrainian serenity. there is no new reaction from president obama yet written as you just mentioned, he said yesterday that there would be costs for any military intervention. he did not say exactly what he meant by that. is he not going to the next g8 summit to russia? is he going to stop trade negotiations or talks with the kremlin? what we see right now are many meetings in the west wing of the white house and the state department. >> he warned russian aunties force. the parliament approved the use of force. what kind of leverage does president obama have in the situation? >> the former ambassador to the united nations, the former american ambassador, said just a couple of hours ago that the u.s. does not have any strong leverage in this. russia has boots on the ground. ukraine is not a member of nato. i think washington does not have any sort of leverage in moscow. but they ha
, and monday morning we saw the british foreign secretary, chuck hagel, one of the first representatives of that body of western european opinion since the crisis in crimea visit here in kiev. he went to the barr kads where many of the people were -- barricades where many people were kimmed. he laid -- killed. he laid flowers, which is a blanket of flowers across the road and pavement. later he'll give a press conference to say what he and the rest of the international community can do to help kiev and its new administration. >> all right. tim friend reporting to us from kiev. thank you for that. >> now, russia is already paying an economic price for its actions in ukraine. stocks are down by 9%. interest rates have been raised dramatically and reuters newsagency is reporting that russia accused the united states of sabotage. >> at least 11 people, including a judge, have been killed in an attack on a court in the pakistani capital islamabad. another 30 have been injured. officers at the scene in the city's f 8 sector say the incident began when a defendant was brought before the court a
of defense chuck hagel, secretary of state john kerry and susan rice were in the meeting. secretary of state john kerry boarded a plane at andrew's air force base, headed to kiev to meet with the interim government on tuesday. kerry's trip coming as russia shows no signs of backing off from crimea. they received a deadline to lay down arms or face a full-scale assault. russia de nice making that call. they say they were invited by president viktor yanukovych. nick schifrin is in the crimean peninsula with the latest. >> this is a ukrainian base on ukrainian land. those are not ukrainian soldiers or that's not a ukrainian flag. the welcoming committee doesn't pledge allegiance to ukraine. >>. translation: we are here to support the russian peacekeepers. they are the only means to stop the violence in ukraine. >> in this area the russian occupation is growing and the resistance seems non-existent. the russian soldiers occupied the base without firing a shot. visitors brought sandwiches and a teapot. soldiers relax and ate in crudely fortified positions. they brought 50 calibre machine-gun, and
, chuck hagel and so -- and william hague. and there's only so much diplomacy. the headlines of the day that come out of the french capital inevitably will be about ukraine. >> you mentioned at the top there that the foreign ministers from - several foreign ministers meeting, sergei lavrov, and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry. there are other meetings as well on the sidelines of this. you talked about the lebanese officials as well. there'll be time for events in syria to be addressed also, presumably. >> yes, they'll certainly be addressed, and there would have been a summit meeting in paris anyway if the ukrainian crisis had not happened. it's important to emphasise that. president suleman from lebanon is here. the original idea was a confrontation on ways to bolster the army. an offer of some $3 billion going in to bolstering the army, supplying them with french weaponry, trying to resist pressure, certainly the west would like in lebanon to worson. at the end of the day we will talk about ukraine here in paris, and we are going to get some good indications. we know that the i
is high it is never too high. whatever it costs to defend our country we will pay. >> and then chuck hagel said this week, yeah, we probably are not going to be the most dominant force on planet earth anymore. >> it makes me very uncomfortable. i'm a big defense kind of person, america can do a lot. think what happened yesterday. the president of the united states had his republican secretary of defense, be the e one, to cover, the draw down troops in america. guess what they did today? i notice big infrastructure spending, who does it benefit, sean? anybody? >> unions? >> it is a contrast. and the president is showing what his priorities are and america made a choice and now we're going to have to make another one in 2014. >> let's face it, america is in retreat all over the world. this president does not wish to exercise power anywhere in the world. we're in retreat. so he shrinks the military to fit that new diminished role. >> wouldn't that void be filled by -- >> by who? >> iran, who is interested in expanding its borders. >> china? >> china perhaps. look, we need to think about the
chuck hagel, when he announced we're going to go to preworld war ii troop levels with our army, season the that what he said, we can't expect american dominance in the seas and sky and space any longer, that that is not something we can come to expect any more? season the that their position? and won't that void be filled by someone like vladimir putin or an alliance as we see between putin and china? >> absolutely. think of it. russia has a very modest economy it has a con script military that is not impressive. there's not a military person on the face of the earth that i've met who would think of trading our military for their military. putin is punching so far above his weight class. we don't have a foreign policy, we don't have a strategy. the only -- we don't have supporters, imagine, think back when the president went to congress and tried to get a coalition of other countries with respect to syria. the other countries backed away. and then he went to congress and the members of congress backed away. >> you're basically saying this is accumulation. we can really -- >> absolutely
, chuck hagel, "it's not good enough to say we have a zero-tolerance policy. we do. but what does it mean? how does that translate into changing anything? i want to know. these crimes have no place, no place in the greatest military on earth." we all agree with that, but here's what this shows you. just look at this. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven secretaries of defense, republicans and democrats over all these years, the first one being dick cheney in 1992. they've all promised zero tolerance. and the problem of sexual assault in the military gets worse and worse and worse. so, senator gillibrand has issued a call to action. she's written a terrific bill working with republicans and democrats. and we're getting a vote on that bill tomorrow, assuming we can break a filibuster. because there is a filibuster, and we have to file cloture, and we need a supermajority of 60 in order to get to an up-or-down vote. so, these promises, to me, ring hollow. i like so many of these people. i've worked with so many of them. they're good people. they care. but i've got to tell you, these words
'll be talking about the impact of the defense cuts that chuck hagel announced, which by the way, perfect timing, he announced defense cuts and the russians say we'll ramp an invasion of ukraine. and in arizona the controversial bill and we'll learn how the bill is the exact language of the bill that bill clinton signed and was passed unanimously in the house and 97-3 in the senate back in 1993. it's a real big controversy over a very, very small issue. >> fascinating. well, we look forward to seeing you tonight, and as always we thank you for your insights. always a pleasure to have uf, sir. >> thank you, uma. always great to be here. >>> we want to hear from you at home. does the u.s. have any clout left when it comes to issuing so-called red lines to world leaders? tweet us your answers to us and i will read some of your responses later in our show. >>> now, turning to another story that continues to raise concerns here about our military and its future in afghanistan, with talk of a drawdown of troops by the end of the year, the u.s. is still locked in a battle with afghan president hamid ka
. thank you so much. >> ifill: as defense secretary chuck hagel announced yesterday, the pentagon is grappling with what to keep and what to cut in a time of tight budgets and national security challenges. at the air force, leaders have set their sights on grounding a plane that's been a reliable standby for decades. but it's defenders won't give up without a fight. defense producer dan sagalyn, has been tracking the debate. kwame holman narrates this report. >> reporter: a typical day at martin state airport on maryland's eastern shore includes chemical weapons training with the a-10 warthog. the national guard base is one of the homes of an aircraft beloved by ground forces who see it as their guardian in the sky. its pilots view infantry on the ground as their primary customer, and responsibility. most combat aircraft shoot down other planes or drop bombs or both. but the warthog was designed specifically to come in low and attack enemy forces in a mission called close air support. >> north or south, west of the smoke, west of the smoke. okay copy, west of the smoke i'm lookin
's border. about 150,000 troops are taking part. defense secretary chuck hagel has warned russia the u.s. is keeping a sharp eye on the moves. the concern is that president putin could be planning some sort of a power grab. chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joins us. despite these exercises, troops mobilizing on the border, the obama administration seems confident russia will not be moving troops into ukraine? >> reporter: that's the pentagon's assessment they're not going to act. what's changed in the last 24 hours, because the russians have moved these troops, mobilized these war planes, put them on alert as well, if president putin decided he did want to go in they could poomove so quick u.s. would not have a chance to react to it. that's increased the level of nervousness among administration officials. what would the u.s. do in reaction? we're talking really about only diplomatic means, protests, et cetera. because the supreme nato commander and american general breedlove says europe is not planning certainly any military reaction if the russians were to go in. >>
administration this week is making proposals that would shrink our military. when chuck hagel was nominated to be secretary of defense, i strongly objected based on his record as a senator and some of his comments about our allies in the middle east that absolutely scared the living day lights out of me. my fears, they were not unfounded. as this week hagel proudly announced his proposal to further gut the military readiness of our nation by drausic troop reductions and cuts to our families and family health care. for the past 100 years presidents and our nation's warriors have warned of putting our guard down. both democrat and republican presents from coolidge to roosevelt to eisenhower to reagan reminded us that readiness to fight is the foundation of freedom. the best minds in our nation's history warned of lulling ourselves into the stupid stupor of thinking that the world would be safer and more peaceful if we just holstered our guns and swords. it's folly to think such nonsense. the best way to preserve freedom, keep the peace and protect security is to have a military that's so over
to both secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> osgood: we'll be watching. and next week here on "sunday morning." all that jazz. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. lemme just get this out of here. to go. unlike some places, we don't just change your oil. our oil offer comes with a four-tire rotation and a 27-point inspection. and everything looked great. actually, could you leave those in? sure. want me to run him through the car wash for you, too? no, no, i can't. and right now get acdelco professional durastop brake pads installed for only $99.95 or less per axle. chevy certified service. >> osgood: we leave you this oscar sunday, where else, in california. at the tidal pools of laguna beach. here starfish are the stars of the show. >> osgood: i'm charles oood, please join us again next sunday morning. until then i'll see you on the radio. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maint
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